Enjoying the fresh mountain air, the incredible scenery, the sounds of nature, and the thrill of being on the edge when skiing.

Having been raised by a mother who was a Bulgarian Olympic skiing hopeful, I was on the slopes from an early age. I’ve had my fair share of adventures, from getting snow blindness to cracking my tailbone and breaking my collarbone, but I’ve also made some of my absolute best memories skiing! Out of all the places I’ve been fortunate to ski around the world, my absolute favorites are Rusutsu (ルスツ) in Hookaido, Japan; and Taos in New Mexico, USA. Rusutsu has the BEST powder skiing and the kindest people and is still relatively unknown so the crowds are smaller. On the other hand, I grew up skiing at Taos and can remember when it still banned snowboarders. Taos has a special place in my heart. #freedom!