Computer Hardware

Feeling technology working through your fingertips at the bridge between software and hardware.

I was a Lego boy and a tinkerer, and often ended up breaking more things than building them, but in the process I call “creative destruction” I also developed an appreciation for the fine craftsmanship and patience that are required to create complex systems with one's bare hands. In high school, on the advice on my friends, I combined my childhood tinkering with my love of computer games by building my first desktop computer from spare parts repurposed from several computers at home. It’s hard to describe how rewarding the feelings of accomplishment and pride are when after many hours all the pieces are put in place, you push the “power on” button and everything magically works (except it’s not actually magic). You tell yourself, “Hey, I just did this and it really works. Really!” I hope everyone will have the chance and take the initiative to take a deeper dive into the everyday technologies that we all enjoy. Knowledge is power after all! #engineering